Squash Court Services

Thoroughly clean down all light deflectors, diffusers, guards, etc. and  change florescent light tubes (natural white – as specified by ENGLAND SQUASH).

Guards can be supplied and fitted if necessary.

Re-siteing or replacement of complete units can be undertaken.

OUT OF COURT REDECORATION. Thoroughly prepare and apply two coats of emulsion paint (colour to be agreed) to all areas above the red out of court line.

This operation is usually priced without the ceiling area being treated, however consideration can be given to this requirement if necessary.

Thoroughly wash down all the playing surface area below the red out of court line with use of suitable solvents and detergents as necessary.

During the cleaning process, full consideration will be given to protect the floor edge areas from ingress and penetration of water and/or cleaning agents.

It may be with certain plaster systems, that the front play wall will be omitted from the cleaning process, as water absorption can in certain circumstances cause the wall to fail.

MINOR PLASTERING. Rake out, prepare, and fill any minor damaged areas to the plaster playing surface(s) prior to painting. To include the door surround.   MAJOR PLASTERING.
Check all walls for loose and hollow areas. Thoroughly abrade the surface to provide a good key. Apply resin key coat. Once cured, apply 2 – 3 coats of Armourcoat white squash court plaster. Trowel to a smooth flat finish. Re-instate cut line. Court will be available for use within seven days of plastering.

This procedure is generally used in connection with the front walls, but side, rear, and full court applications  can be undertaken as necessary.

Should the base coat also be damaged and in need of attention we are fully experienced with any such requirements.

All ‘ Total Wall ‘ Plasterwork as above, carries a full three years guarantee.

Totally hack out damaged area, thoroughly prepare, and re-plaster in similar Armourcoat & England Squash approved materials.

Priced in units of 0.5 square meter applications. PAINTING.
Thoroughly prepare the playing surface and apply two coats of traditional white SRA approved squash court paint.

Colour co-ordinated courts can be prepared – (colour(s) to be agreed).

Prepare and paint the door, the door surround, and the tin and playboard with two coats of  SRA approved paint.

Remove existing lines, thoroughly prepare and re-mark lines to existing specification.

Sand down existing floor to a medium /fine finish and leave un-sealed – as recommended by ENGLAND SQUASH.

Prepare and re-mark all floor lines to existing width, using two coats of  SRA approved line paint.

Heavy duty red line tape, can be applied if requested, but we feel this material is less durable than painting..

Any boards found broken or damaged will be repaired in the same material.

Please note, we operate an Emergency Floor Repair Service.

Take up first and last boards, allow floor to settle, cut back bearers where necessary. Replace edge boards using existing material leaving the regulation 6 mm or ‘nick’ ventilation gap to facilitate adequate air interchange to the sub floor levels, and also to re-establish the ‘nick’. Should this procedure occasion damage when lifting the edge boards, and new material be required, a separate charge would apply.

Take up existing flooring and remove from site. Lay new floor in either Maple or Sylva Squash Beech boarding as required, on sprung kiln dried battens.

Possible timber styles available.

Maple – Prime Grade.

Maple – First Grade.

Supply and fit an integral impact-proof hardened tin style base board, and playboard system with quadrant. This system is maintenance free, requiring only wiping clean with a dampened cloth as necessary.

Thoroughly clean down glass rear wall. Adjust / Tighten / and Lubricate door furniture and hinge system. Ensure all bolts and fixings are as makers specification and are fully secured. Ensure all fin panels are tight and secure. Re-apply silicon sealant as required. IN ADDITION ALL THE ABOVE SERVICES CAN BE OFFERED IN RESPECT OF RACKETBALL COURTS ACTIVITY FLOORS.
We are able to carry out a full program of work to sports halls, gym halls, and activity room of all types, and consisting of either traditional wooden sprung floors, or Granwood composite floors.

All the above types of floor can be subjected to either:-

Completely sand off existing surface, removing all evidence of surface blemishes, game lines etc. Thoroughly prepare surface and apply one coat of a suitable proprietary floor seal. Re-paint game lines to existing specifications and apply further seal coats as required.

A lesser specification of cleaning off the surface, and lightly abrading, followed by the application of two or three coats of floor seal,

Any game line damage will be attended to prior to the re-seal.

In association with the above, we are also able to carry out any decoration requirements as necessary to the perimeter wall fabric of the hall.